Unsolicited Redesign

Over the weekend, I got a Facebook message from my friend Justin. This is always exciting, as it usually includes a link to some obscure but fascinating story or possibly a video of pandas rolling down a hill. This time though, it contained a long and incredibly heartfelt encouragement for my writing, followed by a handcrafted logo.

If you’re reading this in an email, you should click here to visit the actual blog, because it’s worth checking out…really.

Handcrafted? I’m not sure if that’s even a valid descriptor, but I was pretty excited. You see, Justin is among the most passionate, talented, and thoughtful people I know. I think that’s part of how he got a job doing graphic design for Google. You should check out more of his work, and I can personally recommend his new project, The Dispatch, which delivers a bouquet of intriguing content to your inbox weekly.

Justin told me that submitting an unasked-for design is the cardinal sin of graphic design. But I’ll forgive him based on his track record: other unsolicited projects from the same individual include this and this.

So there it is, a new look. Where should we go with this- do you have ideas for what topics to explore next?


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