Stuff I liked (last) week

A bit late, but I’m pretty excited about these:

1. Exhaustion is not a status symbol– timely reminder at the end of two crazy weeks of school- “…we don’t know who we are without productivity as a metric of our worth”

2. What’s wrong with community development? Are there dangers of only acting locally? If you liked the post “Small is Beautiful” then you should read this to round out your worldview.

3. Junk the phrase ‘human capital’….and use the term “skillz” instead. Branko Milanovic says that capital is the benefit you get apart from your labour….human capital doesn’t work that way. 

4. How do you make toast? Yeah, another TED talk, but Wujec has fantastic insight into how groups see and solve problems.

5.  Yet another comment on the future of development: how the MDGs turned into the SGDs. (Click for the interactive)



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