Stuff I liked this week

I’m not gonna lie, there’s some quality stuff here:

1. The Intern Paradox:

The aid industry is quite odd in this way: professionals ridicule volunteer work, but won’t hire new people who haven’t done it. This is just another way in which the aid system is broken.

This brilliant article hits home as I wait to hear whether I’ll be spending next year as an intern in Nepal, Malawi, or Botswana.

2. Bhutan’s fascinating transition to democracy. Visiting the only country to measure it’s Gross Domestic Happiness will cost you only a small tourist fee of $200 per day.

3.  Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?

4. Simpson’s Paradox explained. For a fledging statistics tutor, this site was a lifesaver.
You know it’s going to be good with the tagline “Girls gone average”.



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