Stuff I liked this week

It’s exam season, which means I’ve had all day to read up on stuff I find interesting study for my exams.

Check out my distractions: (Click images for links)

1. Geese rule in Waterloo this week. Check out the local headlines: Canada goose ‘Spawn of Satan’ terrorizes University of Waterloo and Wild turkey smashes UW window after Canada geese attack.

2. Why are migrants paying $1000 to get on a dangerous boat to Italy when planes cost only $430? The ever brilliant Hans Rosling explains. (3 min video)


3. Fewer women run big companies than men named John. Staggering. They also predict that this will be soon replaced by millennial Jacobs, Tylers and Zacharys.


4. Christians and Muslims in Africa. There’s a lot more in the full report, but my roommate and I spent ten minutes just looking at this map.

Who drew these borders, anyway?

5. For the really hardcore nerds out there, Jeff Sachs has a new paper out on robots.

robotsThe gist of it is that if we tax old rich robot owners and give the money to poor, young entrepreneurs, we’ll be okay.


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