Stuff I liked this week

1. Social Mobility in the United States, as explained by Lego:

Brookings Fellow Richard Reeves creatively uses lego to answer the question “How much does your parents income influence how much you can make?” Great face. Great accent. Great information.

2. Can rain stop war? A beautifully written piece from South Sudan by Joshua Craze and Jérôme Tubiana.


While journalists breathlessly report massacres and political negotiations in Addis Ababa, the conflict’s rhythm unfolds not through events but with the seasons. The international community talks about the importance of distinguishing civilians from soldiers, as if it were somehow evident. The truth? There is no one who does not have a relative on one side or the other, and many of the soldiers I spoke to on my last trip returned to their communities during the first rains for planting and then returned again for harvest. Soldier is merely one of the hats that they wear: to be dusted off and donned again during the dry season, when the South Sudanese landscape will be striated with accidental clashes, waiting troops and frustrated commanders, trying to control a conflict that is always exceeding them.

3. Just for interest, a map of the lexical distance between languages in Europe.



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