Links I liked this week

1. Common Errors in English Usage by Paul Brian. A go to source if  want to know when to use a semicolon, find the difference between bi- and semi-annual, or avoid mistakes like “ATM machine” and “LCD display”.

If you want to write affectively this is litrally your best source.

2. What are you afraid of? A new survey reveals that Climate Change is seen as the top global threat. Canada and Japan both see ISIS as the biggest threat, while Ukraine and Poland fear Russia.


3. The Guardian started a Secret Aid Worker column this spring. If you’re interested in the anonymous confessions of humanitarians who have lost their compassion and sanitation experts who don’t like poo, this is for you.

Okay, it’s just me who reads this like tabloid….

4. Gerrymandering isn’t evil? Are US electoral districts drawn to make sure that certain candidates win? The long and short of it is that we shouldn’t use geography to determine the fairness of our districts, there are better ways to prevent wasted votes.



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